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Have you noticed a large number of ants inside your home? Perhaps you have seen just one or two on your kitchen counter and got spooked. You are right to be worried; ants of any type are not a good sign inside your home. Ants, bugs, roaches, and other types of uninvited animals belong outside, not inside your home. 

When you need pest control, remember that our professional and knowledgeable team of exterminator experts can help you with any pest problem you have. We are prompt and reliable. 

While we specialize in termite inspection, control and extermination, we also have years of experience in dealing with all kinds of pesky pests. We have performed services for residential homeowners in gardens and inside homes, as well as for businesses of every type. Our equipment, skilled team, and expertise can handle any type of pest you need taken care of. 

Our Pest & Wildlife Control Services

Below are just some of the pest and animal services we've performed over the years. Take a look and see how we can help you.   
If you are experiencing any sign of trouble from these types of pests, please call us today at (704) 727-2007 to schedule a wildlife control appointment with our crew. We won’t leave your property until your home or business is completely safe and pest-free. 

Why Choose Acme Pest Control

Acme Pest Control has been providing the Charlotte area with premier pest control services for years (since 1946). We are members of the National Pest Control Association and similar prestigious industry groups that allow us to connect with other professionals and ensure we are at the leading edge of industry standards. To ensure we operate at that level, all of our team members are trained and equipped to handle any pest situation with the latest in technology and tactics. If you have a pest problem, call Acme Pest Control for the solution!
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