Termite Control

Termite Control

If you suspect you have a termite problem, don't kid yourself by thinking it was just one termite you saw. Even if you just noticed one termite and took care of it, your problem is far from over. Each termite you see in your home has many brothers and sisters that are capable of causing severe structural damage to your home. Where there is one, there are many more lurking where you cannot yet see.

We specialize in termite control and our team is dedicated to providing homeowners in the Piedmont, Charlotte, and Concord areas with the peace of mind that comes with complete and long-lasting freedom from unwanted pests.

Using the latest methods and technology, we don't just postpone the problem; we stop it at the source so it doesn't keep coming back.

Our Licensed Professionals

Our licensed exterminators will inspect your home's environment and construction to identify the problem and determine the best course of action. Our team is specially trained to recognize these types of uninvited house guests so that we can determine the best course of action to remedy your termite problem quickly.

So whether you suspect you already have a termite issue or want to make sure you don't experience a problem in the future, we can help. For immediate pest control and fast results, call us today at (704) 727-2007 to get a free estimate!

Termites multiply rapidly, so act now before your small termite issue becomes a much larger problem. 
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