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Turf Care for Charlotte & Concord, NC

If having a luscious and healthy lawn is a top priority for you, you need to ensure that it is not destroyed by pests, weeds, or poor maintenance. All too often homeowners in North Carolina find that common lawn pests such as mole crickets, white grubs, and billbugs often can wreak havoc on their turf and cause damage that takes a long time to recover from.  The professionals at Acme Pest Control are adept at tackling both common and uncommon lawn pests, and always exercise the industry best practices for turf care that will leave your grass healthy and beautiful, just the way you want it! If you are located in Charlotte, Concord, or any of the surrounding area, give us a call!

Why Choose Acme Pest Control

Acme Pest Control has been in business since 1946 and has been the staple of professionalism and industry leading practices since that time. As a member of a number of prestigious local associations (including the North Carolina Pest Control Association and Chamber of Commerce), we strive to constantly better ourselves and provide top tier service to our customers. If you go with us, you will not be disappointed!
turf care charlotte, nc

What Can Acme Pest Control Turf Care Do For You?

At Acme Pest Control, we know the appearance of your lawn is incredibly important for the overall aesthetic of your home. To ensure we provide the best quality service possible and keep your lawn looking fantastic, we ensure that all of our exterminators are trained in the industry standard best practices needed to get the job done. Our turf care programs are designed to meet a wide range of customer needs, with no contracts and a 24-hour response time from the minute you call. On top of this, our team have more than 24 years of experience in the lawncare industry, and will ensure that you can enjoy your lawn just the way you want it to be. Get in touch with our team today for a free analysis of your lawn and a no-obligation estimate!

Serving Concord & Charlotte, NC

Acme Pest Control has been providing the Charlotte and Concord areas with premier pest control and turf care services since we were founded in 1946. When you call us for turf care, you not only get 24-response times, but also 24 years of experience backed by incredible results. Get in touch with us today to get your free estimate!
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